Whether your organization's goal is to become the Employer of Choice or if you want to identify your HR needs prior to recruiting a Chief Human Resources Officer, you may want to consider conducting a Human Resources Assessment.  
HMG's Human Resources Assessment focuses on customer satisfaction from all constituencies, as well as an audit of your HR practices, including Recruitment and Retention, Performance Management, Compensation and Benefits, Policies and Procedures, Employee Relations/Union Vulnerability, Wage and Hour Compliance and Organizational Development. 
HMG will meet with focus groups of employees, middle management and the executive team, using an appreciative inquiry approach, to identify in what areas your HR division is meeting their needs and where there is opportunity for improvement. An audit of current HR practices will also be completed to establish baseline data. Working with the organization and HR leadership, a prioritization of the issues will be established and strategic objectives for each of the critical functions and processes will be established, as well as specific plans to achieve each of those objectives. The ultimate objective is to establish your organization as the Employer of Choice in your market. Please contact an HMG consultant for more details.