Have you ever been faced with an unexpected opening in your OR or ER or other critical management position? Then, after taking more than six months to fill the position, you are left with a less than ideal manager? If talent management is one of your most critical concerns, then you are not alone.  
HMG has developed a practical approach to identifying and grooming employees for management roles. GROW YOUR OWN LEADERS is a four-part process.  
It begins with a planning meeting with your executive team to identify your “critical management positions”. This program will then identify at least 3 employees who can be groomed for each of these roles, creating a pipeline of potential leaders. 
A second meeting will follow with all hospital managers/directors to help them understand their role in mentoring employees for future management positions. 
A one-day “Emerging Leaders Session” will be provided for all participants. This program will include Management 101 Education for the employees who participate, but more importantly, will be used to identify those employees with the greatest propensity for success in management. It will include an in-depth personality profile on each employee as well as one-on-one interviews. We will work with those employees to create a personalized development plan, to include cross training, so that ultimately you have a pipeline of high potential employees ready to move into any number of future managerial openings and all but eliminate the need for outside recruitment. 
Presentation of the grass-roots succession planning document will identify those individuals to be groomed for each “critical management position” within the organization and will include a customized plan for their development. Assistance can also be provided to create a more successful external recruitment plan for your organization. 
HMG will provide monthly webinars with all participants to ensure their on-going engagement in their development plan, which will ensure your pipeline of future leaders. 
Your Organization will gain… 
An organization-wide, grass-roots succession plan. 
For each participant, the organization will receive a management profile outlining the employee’s strengths and weaknesses. 
A customized development plan for at least 3 individuals for each critical management position. 
On-going monitoring of the plan to ensure your future leaders are ready to move into critical positions as they open up. 
Participants will walk away with… 
An understanding of the role of management and leadership. 
Understanding their own strengths and weaknesses and how their personality characteristics will impact their success in management. 
Management 101 Training, which will include: 
Learning the laws of human resource management. 
Understanding a hospital’s financial statement and gaining an exposure to the budgeting process. 
Learning how to address employee attitude and behavioral issues as a manager. 
Advice on how to position themselves for future management opportunities. 
A recognition of how they will be evaluated as a manager. 
The nurses will develop a plan to be cross-trained in more than one specialty to provide greater versatility in filling future management positions. 
A portfolio which will include their resume, their management profile and a customized development plan. 
On-going education and development. 
If you have an interest in learning more about this program, please contact Rita Johnson at (913) 207-0022.